Let Artificial Intelligence do more. You do different.

Let AI do more — and you do different.

By Colter Hettich

January 23, 2024
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Why content marketers should think bigger. Relinquish the hamster wheel to AI.

Artificial intelligence has made creating articles, emails, social posts, and other staple formats easier, faster and cheaper for content marketers.

But what is the endgame? Will articles published per day determine who wins market share? Will 50 LinkedIn posts per day improve conversions? Can outpublishing your competitors make a measurable difference in a flooded feed?

We think not.

Focus on differentiation

The benefit of AI is not in the more; it’s in the different. 2024 is the year of taking ownership of your content, and differentiating your brand.  Let’s say you’ve historically spent $75,000 per year on articles and accompanying promotional materials. Thanks to AI, you can now create the same content for $25,000. How should you use that newfound $50K? How should you repurpose the associated staff hours?

We believe that newfound budget and “people power” should encourage brands to do something different, something more expansive than the status quo. Below we call out five highly engaging marketing initiatives that can help you own a slice of the marketplace, and help your brand stand out from the pack.

1. In-person events

Late last year a client ended a call by casually mentioning an upcoming in-person event. They tried to downplay the potential of the prospecting affair, but it was too late — our interest was piqued. After some back and forth, they agreed to let us help them promote the event that featured a multi-channel approach, including snail mail and snazzy swag.

Fast forward two months: The event proved a huge success. Our client captured some red-hot leads and has already made a big-ticket sale thanks to the event.

The kicker? Those in attendance overwhelmingly asked for more events like it. We believe events like these will prove increasingly valuable as AI-generated content proliferates.

2. Proprietary research

Nothing tops proprietary research and data when it comes to differentiation — and that research may be more affordable than you think. A few months ago we commissioned a survey of 150 financial advisors to gauge their confidence levels when it comes to speaking with younger investors. The results spotlighted a clear “confidence gap,” and that research provided a wealth of data we’ve used to develop presentation decks, reports, blog posts, social posts, emails and more. The best part? The cost fit well within our modest budget.

3. Branded documentary

More than 90% of consumers want more online video content from brands, according to recent research by Zight. Add to that the fact that U.S. consumers prefer documentary video content over thriller/mystery/crime, news, sports, horror and reality TV, according to recent Statista data.

But is there precedent for brands creating documentary content? Absolutely! Some noteworthy examples include:

  • Spotify released a mini documentary of Kendrick Lamar’s trip to Ghana in 2022. The doc coincided with the release of his album “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.” In the film, we get to watch Lamar experience Ghanaian day-to-day life for the first time — a rare glimpse into the mind of an elusive, award-winning artist.
  • Black Crows Skis, a ski supply company, released a series of short films last year profiling some of the largest abandoned ski resorts around the world. This series does a fantastic job of positioning Black Crows Skis as a brand that gets its audience and their appetite for fresh powder, off-limits trails and a sense of adventure.
  • Yeti’s 2018 “Hungry Life” docuseries is an oldie but a goodie. Each installment tells the story of a different adventurer, why they have a passion for the great outdoors, and subtly incorporates Yeti branding and products. They communicate that Yeti knows what its audience values: nature, independence and purpose.

4. Modern SEO strategies

We’ve written extensively on the importance of search engine optimization (see here, and here), but it bears repeating: SEO is more within reach than you think.

Today’s SEO strategies prioritize helpful and quality content over keyword stuffing. Time-tested tactics like contextual linking and backlinking remain central, however, your website may be sitting on a goldmine of existing content — it simply needs to be organized and optimized to meet the expectations of today’s search engines. Dedicating time to audit your existing content can pay SEO dividends, and you can even use AI to help identify quick and easy changes that can move the needle.

5. Shortform video

Are you truly maximizing the mileage of your short-form videos? If you’re producing a 60-second or less video, why not factor in all the relevant platforms? It’s easy to think about videos in a silo: What is the primary channel, and how can we slice it up into shareable clips on that channel?

But if you know what audiences prefer on various social channels, you can shoot iterations of the same video at the same time. This helps your posts feel more organic — and spares your brand the potential recoil from audiences who recognize reposting for what it is: a shortcut.

Give us a call!

As you ramp up your marketing efforts this year, let us know how you’re using AI to free up your budget — and how you’re using those dollars to go big. Email us directly at imprint@imprintcontent.com or fill out the contact form here. Hope to hear from you soon!

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