Meet the groovy new face of!

Meet the fresh (digital) face of Imprint

By Imprint Team

February 13, 2023
We’ve made our site faster, simpler, and smarter — all to help you leave your mark.

Welcome to the new (you’re one click away, just click “Home” on the navigation above)! Why the new look? We help our clients every day make their communications easier for their customers to understand — and, ultimately, more successful — so we examined our site as we would a client’s and realized: It’s time to take a page from our own playbook.

We started by asking two simple questions: “What can we do to start more conversations, and how can we make it easy for our audience to start conversations with us?” Right away, we knew part of the answer involved reexamining the site’s navigation, then distilling and consolidating our pages and content.

Consolidated content, better SEO

One key thing we did was merge our landing page and blog, where you are now, and renamed it “Thinking.” Combining the site and the blog into one place will both improve SEO results and make exploring our site a much faster experience. We also reimagined the homepage experience (“Home”) — from both a design and editorial perspective — to better express our offerings, purpose and personality.

A better user experience

Beneath that groovy lava lamp aesthetic lies a number of updates to improve the user experience. We made several back-end changes to increase page load speed, redirects and other core web vitals. While these updates are behind the scenes, they will directly contribute to a better experience for anyone frequenting the site — you can navigate the site, search and forms much faster and more easily.

Oh, and there was another timely reason for the revamp: Imprint turns 10 years old in February! What better time for a facelift?

Let us know what you think of the new look by sending us a message here, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter below for monthly content marketing insights from our team. Here’s to a fabulous 2023!


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