Embrace Your Pride: Imprint's Andy Seibert on the Strength of Diversity

Embrace Your Pride

By Andy Seibert

June 6, 2022
Take hold of what makes you stand tall, and you’ll benefit personally and at work.

Having someone or something you’re proud of is uniquely satisfying and empowering. It’s what Pride is all about. The month of June, when we celebrate LGBTQA+ pride and history, always ignites in me an excitement to share who we are at Imprint — both our team and our culture.

I’m proud of what we have accomplished.

Since Imprint’s first day in business nine years ago, we’ve assembled an amazing team and have partnered with an incredible array of clients. Our work has garnered more than 130 awards for these clients, and Imprint has been recognized with 15 nominations for Content Marketing Agency of the Year by five different organizations. Four of those nominations resulted in wins!

I’m proud of who we are.

Imprint is certified as a diversity-owned firm through the NGLCC (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce). It doesn’t define our firm, but it adds a strong element of transparency. Our world revolves around our clients and their audiences — both of whom can sniff out real versus fake. So we’re always going to be ourselves and hold nothing back. We look at the amazing clients we have and ask ourselves, “Why did they choose us?” One reason is that we understand their complex content marketing problems. But another is that they trust us. And every team member being authentic at all times is crucial to maintaining that trust. And transparency keeps our internal culture alive. Everyone on the team is celebrated for the diversity and perspective they bring forward.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come.

I remember when there was no Pride Month. I remember when coming out at work was a potential career-killer. As a budding marketer at American Express in the early 1990s, I remember the whispers in the halls as gay men started meeting outside the office on the first Thursday of every month. It just wasn’t accepted to be open at work. Imagine, then, to now be leading a team at an agency certified as LGBT-owned by the NGLCC. It’s what has me standing tall. If I can help inspire anyone, help anyone be proud about anything, I’d like to. So grab hold of that someone, or something, that helps define and motivate you. And help others do the same.

Embrace your pride.

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