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The “Head, Heart & Hands” of Content Strategy

The “Head, Heart & Hands” of Content Strategy

As the current pandemic continues to rattle different parts of our country, unemployment numbers teeter and a presidential election looms, one question continues to persist for marketers: “Will the strategy I’m working on be relevant and appropriate by the time it’s ready for market?”

It’s a challenging question, but there are three communications fundamentals that, if prioritized, will significantly increase the likelihood that the answer ends up a “yes” for your strategy work.

Imprint’s managing directors Meg Staknis and Duncan Milne have conceptualized these pillars as the “head,” the “heart” and the “hands.” Meg and Duncan sat down with managing editor Colter Hettich to discuss what each metaphor represents and why it is crucial to any strategy being developed now and for the foreseeable future.

How is this three-legged concept defined? How do changing attitudes affect content strategy? Which companies are shining as they align messaging with social injustice issues?

Watch the video and then reach out—we’d love to know what you think! You can ping us on LinkedIn or send us an email at imprint@imprintcontent.com.

The 3 Rings of Content

The 3 Rings of Content


We like to think about content fitting into one of three rings. The core ring contains the content that you need to run your business and fulfill on your value proposition. Definition, how things work. If you are a bank, you need content on why to save and the differences between IRAs.

The second ring enhances the core – it is content that goes wider and deeper than then content in the core, and this is where you can make it your own. If you are an automotive company, how is the content about safe driving and leasing versus buying uniquely yours?

The outer ring is surprise and delight – these are the content elements that are unexpected and are potential motivators for repeat visits. While they are related to the two inner rings, they can provide moments of lightness, can be provocative, can be “different.”

The bright shiny objects are the ones marketers gravitate to, and those are often found in the third ring. Make sure that as you execute your content strategy, not everyone is focused on filling the outer ring. You aren’t healthy without a strong core.

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