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Named to “Top 12 Financial Agencies of 2018” List

Named to “Top 12 Financial Agencies of 2018” List

The Gramercy Institute recently recognized Imprint as one of the ‘Top 12 Financial Agencies of 2018.’ The competition was fierce and global—98 firms, across 7 countries—and winners were selected for a number of criteria, including proven success for specific clients and demonstrated innovation in financial services marketing. We’re honored that the Gramercy Institute saw fit to highlight the work we’ve put forward, and would like to extend our congratulations to the other firms who were similarly recognized—as Duncan Milne recently noted for us, there was a lot we learned from the other winners’ as well.


But above all, we’d like to extend an enormous ‘Thank You’ to our clients in the financial services industry, for making this big win possible. We wouldn’t be able to push the envelope for financial content without your desire to innovate and think differently in a highly regulated space.

How to Become Agency of the Year

How to Become Agency of the Year


2017 was an amazing year for Imprint. We had been nominated as Small Content Marketing Agency of the Year by CMA three times, and winning last September on our fourth consecutive nomination put a real spring in our step. Among other accolades, we were just named to Gramercy Institute’s Top 12 Financial Agencies for 2018.

To date, there have been over 50 awards for our clients and ourselves, and we haven’t yet reached our fifth year anniversary!

What’s the thread to creating the winning work? Some Imprint team members weigh in with six tips:


  • Tap the best of others

I think one of the strong suits of the team here is collaboration. There’s a real team effort in strategy and optimization, not the traditional silos that you see in other agencies.

– Brendan Burke, strategy @Imprint_Brendan


  • Don’t settle for cookie cutter

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our work. Our content programs are strategic and highly tailored to the needs to our clients and their audiences. From scheduling and process, to editorial and creative, everything we do is customized to deliver the best end results for our clients. We push our clients out of their comfort zones and encourage them to try new formats and approaches that we believe can strategically help them reach their goals.

– Kim Papa, editorial @Imprint_KimP


  • Get your hands dirty

We combine strategy and creativity with roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-it-done delivery.

– Meg Staknis, strategy 


  • Look outwards, not inwards

We’re laser-focused on our clients and on their business. We’re focused on their markets, their challenges, their audiences and the opportunities that content provides to create relationships and deliver results. We’re always looking at the bigger picture, the trends and technologies that will make our work as resonant, effective and innovative as possible.

– Duncan Milne, strategy @ContentDuncan


  • Be audience-first

Our work embodies the perspective of the audience. Always.

– Ashley Brenner, design @Imprint_AshleyB


  • Speak up!

The Imprint team is not afraid to question the norm, to voice an opinion.

– Ken Williams, business development @Imprint_KenW

CC 17: Four Tips to Win a Content Marketing Award

CC 17: Four Tips to Win a Content Marketing Award

The number of content marketing award programs are growing, as are the number of submissions per category.  And submissions aren’t inexpensive!  So if you have ever submitted a project for an award – or if you are planning to – you may want to listen to this podcast.  Two of Imprint’s analysts outline four of their key tips to better your chances of winning the award you want.

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