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It’s a ‘Treat Yourself’ Summer, and We’re All About It

summer watermelon treats

Recipes for our go-to snacks, sweets, and drinks when the heat is on

We refuse to let this be your summer of discontent. Say hello to Imprint’s Summer 2022 cookbook, “Treat Yourself!”


We asked each member of our team to close their eyes and imagine a perfect summer day followed by a perfect summer evening. We then asked: What snack, dessert or drink absolutely had to be there? In “Treat Yourself!” you’ll find an answer from everyone here at Imprint, as well as step-by-step instructions for making it yourself.

Four categories. Twenty recipes. Everything from salads and skewers to spritzes and sweets.

And while we obviously wanted to make sure your summer is a delicious one, we also saw this as an opportunity to showcase our creativity, share a bit about who we are, and celebrate our diversity.

In that spirit of sharing, let us know what your must-have summer treat is! What recipe did you like best from our book? Send us a pic of what you made to

Treat yourself this summer. Leave your mark.