COVID-19 Content Best Practices: Insurance / Annuities

COVID-19 Content Best Practices: Insurance / Annuities

Companies across economy sectors are scrambling to provide helpful content centered around the ongoing pandemic –– financial services and healthcare firms included. Each week we’re reviewing the content in one industry, highlighting the work we think is rising to the top.

Our friends at Corporate Insight track communications, products, and the overall customer experience offered by leading companies in these industries. Our team has leveraged their research, along with our own, to evaluate COVID-19 communications against these four criteria:

  • Client-centricity: Are brands putting their audiences’ needs at the center of their content—or talking about themselves?
  • Tone: How are brands speaking to their audiences?
  • Formats: How are they packaging their content? Video, long form, visual storytelling?
  • Differentiation: Do brands’ communications stand out from their competitors’?

This week, we’re diving into insurance and annuities companies. [We’ll add links to the others as we add them.] Here’s what stood out to us from this week’s collection of content.

What’s in it for me?

It must be tempting for insurance companies to remind people how good coverage can offer certainty through uncertain times. But the most effective content we’ve seen is less product-centric and more client-centric.

Take Nationwide:

  • Nationwide is offering helpful messages that are subtly related to insurance and especially relevant now. For example, an engaging infographic offers sheltered-at-home readers tips on making their homes safer. Tasks like cleaning out dryer vents can give restless adults something to do and may result in fewer insurance payouts for Nationwide. We’d call that a win-win.
  • The company is addressing its retirement plan participants directly, walking them through the specific fees and penalties waived as part of the CARES Act.
Check and Protect Your Home (Nationwide)

Connecting on a human level

We like the decidedly human approach annuity provider TIAA is taking in its communications with clients during these challenging times. (Full disclosure: TIAA is a past Imprint client.)

  • TIAA’s coronavirus content pairs a warm tone with practical advice geared to its clients.
  • It’s offering both highlights of government stimulus as well as relief packages and deeper dives into these topics.
  • TIAA is also providing investment-related content—served up in a range of formats, from articles to webinars—about smart ways to navigate difficult markets.

The result is a clear emphasis on the client’s well-being both now and in the future.

CARES Act Summary (TIAA)

We’ve been here before…

Few companies can say they were around during the 1918 influenza pandemic. Insurance company New York Life can—the company turns 175 this year. A recent open letter from CEO Ted Mathas made it clear to audiences that New York Life has helped clients through the 1918 flu pandemic as well as two world wars, the Great Depression and recessions big and small. We like how the company’s communications lean into its nearly two-century history of stability, which immediately differentiates New York Life from many of its peers.

Then there’s the breadth and depth of the company’s coronavirus communications, which includes:

  • Mathas’ letter as the cornerstone
  • Practical FAQs
  • Articles offering tips to quarantined families
  • Strategy pieces that ever-so-gently push New York Life’s suite of insurance products.

The takeaway: New York Life has you covered this time around, too.

COVID-19 Resource Center (New York Life)

Delivering on the Good Neighbor promise

State Farm has taken advantage of a host of formats for its coronavirus-related content, including:

  • Quick-hit videos
  • Bite-sized infographics
  • Social media content, all geared toward the current environment.

We like the variety, but the real draw is State Farm’s empathetic tone. Its opening message to readers of its coronavirus page acknowledges that clients may be running into financial issues, and says that its agents are there to help—whether that means assisting in filing a claim or discusings payment options. Like a good neighbor, indeed.

COVID-19 Resource Center (State Farm)

A simpler approach

You don’t need dozens of pages of unique content to get your message to clients. Case in point is insurer Progressive, which greets mobile app users with a simple popup letting clients know they’re here to help. The message directs clients to a splash page that is sparse but effective. An economy of words clearly conveys what readers need to know about important issues such as Progressive’s coverage assistance and billing leniency.


COVID-19 Mobile App Pop-up (Progressive)


Let us know what you think and please share pieces that you think apply best practices. You can email us at

Here are links to the coronavirus microsites or information pages for each company featured above:

New York Life

State Farm




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