Getting Creative in the Kitchen

Getting Creative in the Kitchen

How many times have you said or heard a variation of: There is nothing like mom’s lasagna, my cousin’s mashed potatoes, or my BFF’s gooey pecan pie? 

One thing we love about special occasions is celebrating food, family, friends, and dishes that are more than tasty. They’re every bit as distinct and meaningful as the varied people around your table — or, as we discovered in 2020, around your screen. 

If you ask us, whether it’s strategizing communications or making a meal (cooking counts as creating content), blending ingredients into something that’s delicious, diverse, and thoughtful deserves a great big chef’s kiss.

Creativity and diversity are at the heart of why we cooked up “Flavors of Imprint,” a collection of Imprint staffers’ favorite recipes. Released this spring, it’s a project we are proud of and have relied on ourselves for ideas for snacks, apps, entrees, and desserts throughout 2020’s twists and turns. 

You can download a PDF of “Flavors of Imprint” here.

And here’s a little food for thought if you are reading this around the holiday season. Leftover turkey from your holiday bird would be a great substitute in the ginger turmeric chicken soup, on page 14. The pear and sweet potato casserole, on page 28, is a tempting side dish. And cheesecake, page 30, with a touch of pumpkin spice? Yes, please.  If you’d like to share one of your favorite recipes, we’ll gobble it right up. Reach out to us at or ping us on LinkedIn.

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