COVID-19 Content Best Practices: Investing

COVID-19 Content Best Practices: Investing

Professional and individual investors are coping with historic volatility in the financial markets—and a lot of uncertainty about what the investment landscape will look like a few months or even a few years down the road. This means they need the best information they can get to make good decisions for the money they’re managing—whether that’s for their firms, their clients, or themselves. As a result, many investment houses’ content emphasizes market forecasts, in-depth analysis and actionable advice geared to the current environment.

We pored over market volatility-related communications precipitated by the current coronavirus pandemic. Our friends at Corporate Insight track communications, products and the overall customer experience offered by leading companies in a variety of industries. The Imprint team has leveraged their research, along with our own, to evaluate investment-industry COVID-19 communications against these four criteria:

  • Client-centricity: Are brands putting their audiences’ needs at the center of their content—or talking about themselves?
  • Tone: How are brands speaking to their audiences?
  • Formats: How are they packaging their content? Video, long form, visual storytelling?
  • Differentiation: Do brands’ communications stand out from competitors’?

Here’s what stood out to us this week. Click HERE for last week’s roundup of the banking industry. 

Giving clients what they need

Every investment firm offers market-related commentary. State Street’s content stands out from the pack with its communications detailing the ways the firm is keeping its own lights on around the world and, in turn, supporting its clients that need the company firing on all cylinders.

  • Video messages from State Street execs and white papers offer detailed takes on the firm’s operational response to COVID-19. Their takeaways: State Street won’t let its clients down.
  • CEO Ron O’Hanley weighs in with thought-provoking pieces on what governments and corporations need to do to get through this crisis—and avoid future disasters.
Your COVID-19 Resource Center

MFS’ Market Uncertainty Resource Center takes care to tailor content to different client segments.

  • Smart navigation neatly delineates content about MFS’ corporate COVID-19 response, provides commentary on market developments and delivers updates on its investment and portfolio teams’ tactical shifts.
  • The market and investment commentaries stand out. The content is insightful and engaging, and draws readers in with snappy, provocative headlines.
  • MFS also provides advisors with practice management resources on market volatility as part of their robust MFS Advisor Edge offering.
Market Uncertainty Resource Center (MFS)

Sharp thinking in a tough market

This historic time in the financial markets presents investors with both big challenges and big opportunities. Nuveen doesn’t sugarcoat the former and dives deep on the latter, offering particularly crisp, forward-thinking thought leadership and strategic advice for institutional investors.

  • Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll’s weekly commentaries offer incisive observations. He recently issued a pragmatic warning to investors to prepare for a recession that’s uniquely deep but also short-lived.
  • Nuveen isn’t afraid to get granular, offering nuanced and detailed takes on topics such as bond market dislocation and the coronavirus’ disruption on the global supply chain.
Coronavirus: navigating the global economic impact (Nuveen)

UBS stands out for its smartly organized and always-fresh content.

  • Pieces related to COVID-19 are integrated smoothly into UBS’ regular menu of content offerings, from market updates to global risk analyses.
  • Regularly updated features include House View, a collection of daily, weekly and monthly publications providing UBS’ assessment of the global economy and financial markets and how they shape the firm’s investment allocations.

(UBS is an Imprint client.)

Market Insights (UBS)

 Keeping it simple…

Avoiding technical, jargon-heavy language should be a pillar of any investment firm’s content strategy. Franklin Templeton does a fine job keeping its language simple while taking a refreshingly human approach to communicating with financial advisors.

  • A message from CEO Jenny Johnson highlights the impact of the current crisis on advisors’ professional and personal lives.
  • Content is segmented and easy to find, whether you’re looking for take-home resources to calm anxious clients or detailed perspectives on Fed easing from Franklin Templeton’s CIO, Sonal Desai.
2020 Volatility Center (Franklin Templeton)

A multi-media approach

T. Rowe Price offers plenty of written material on the current crisis including white papers and articles. But it also stretches beyond print to deliver videos, infographics, e-books and other formats, particularly for institutional investors and advisors. And across those channels and formats T. Rowe Price is going deep on market analysis—well beyond volatility, into multi-asset investing, portfolio construction and asset classes.

  • An interactive e-book combines punchy text and engaging graphics to convey T. Rowe Price’s detailed take on China’s economic recovery.
  • Content is leveraged across business channels but tailored to the audience. Example: A broad menu of advisor-centric content aimed at uncovering investment opportunities—and avoiding pitfalls—in the current environment.

 (T. Rowe Price is an Imprint client.)

Video Insights: China’s Road to Recovery (T. Rowe Price)

Columbia Threadneedle’s practice management resources for financial advisors stand apart in terms of their accessibility and actionable nature

  • Smart headers make it easy for advisors to see which pieces of content can be shared directly with clients and which are intended to help advisors manage their practices.
  • Advisors can access a number of concrete ideas for managing their practice (for example, how to effectively connect with house-bound clients) and guiding investors through this highly volatile period (tips to help calm anxious clients).
Latest Insights (Columbia Threadneedle)

Let us know what you think, and please share pieces that you think apply best practices. You can email us at

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