Banks’ Use of Digital: A Discussion Between Imprint and M&T Bank

Banks’ Use of Digital: A Discussion Between Imprint and M&T Bank

A video conversation between M&T’s Laura Cleveland and Imprint’s Meg Staknis

What our day-to-day experience will look like in a post-COVID world is a question mark. But Americans say they’ll increasingly rely on technology for tasks they’ve historically done in-person, and that this reliance will continue after the pandemic subsides. This will have a marked impact on communications.

This is just one of the illuminating and timely points in our video discussion with Laura Cleveland, head of content strategy at M&T Bank and Wilmington Trust. In this first installment of our “Clients on Strategy” series, Laura shares with Imprint Managing Director Meg Staknis, how she and her team have adapted their communications  to enable many of the bank’s customers to complete tasks online for which they typically would visit a branch, including opening accounts, transferring funds, and even refinancing mortgages.

“Many customers who [aren’t] digital natives have had to learn to do everything online,” says Cleveland. “We’ve been hyper focused on delivering an efficient digital experience. It makes content that much more important.”

In the above clip, Laura and Meg also touch on: 

  • How the COVID-19 crisis helped clarify priorities.
  • Why “clear and pointed authentic content is more important than ever” — especially for banks.
  • Why cutting through information overload and providing customers with just the right content is a must.

And let us know your thoughts. How have you fostered digital adoption among your customers? In what ways have you identified the kind of content your customers want and need from you during this crisis? Ping us on LinkedIn or email us at

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