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6 Ways to Make Your Infographics More Effective

6 Ways to Make Your Infographics More Effective

Infographics — done right — can elevate your content, bring data to life and engage your audience. Done wrong, they’ll bewilder and turn off your audience.

We’re here to help your infographics steal the show.

The term “infographic” gets thrown around a lot — and not always accurately. So let’s define it: An infographic explains a subject by telling a visual story. The subject can be anything from a process or system to a data set or report. And the visual “language” can be spoken in icons, illustrations, photography or data visualization. No matter the subject or language, the visuals should enhance understanding in a way that words alone cannot.

So, in keeping with our show-stealing mission, read on for six tips to help your infographics be all they can be. And lest you think we’re missing the irony of an article about infographics — we are not! But we wanted this post to be all about the how, which we believe an article does extremely well.

1. Don’t rush into design. According to the Picture Superiority Effect, the brain processes visual information exponentially faster than text.1 While this is a source of infographics’ power, it doesn’t preclude the absolute necessity to be clear and easy to understand, with key points flowing coherently from one to the next. And you can’t pull that off until you’ve digested and fully comprehended the data and narrative yourself. Don’t cut corners at the beginning. You’ll be glad later.

2. Throw out the chaff. Work with teammates to find the crucial nuggets you can process into something the reader can use. Be selective. Too many statistics and design elements create a blur that makes readers tune out. You have a captive audience — 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual,2 and 65% of people are visual learners.3 So play to those strengths.

3. Must-have text only. Your goal for copy is simple: Write what’s necessary to support the visuals in the least intrusive way possible. In addition to being explanatory, copy can add personality as well, but make sure it’s not so clever as to obscure the message. When instructions are accompanied by visuals the reader is 323% (!) more likely to complete the action described.4 Let graphics do their thing and keep words out of their way.

4. Quadruple check your data. Fact checking goes beyond verifying numbers and figures. Are you creating a pie chart but the slices don’t add up to 100? Are you using a bar graph when a line graph makes more sense? Remember: You’re designing showstoppers here, so there’s nowhere to hide if you flub. Whether you hire outside fact-checkers or make it a staff all-hands-on-deck effort, don’t overlook accuracy.

5. Get it moving. Literally. A 2000 study by the Stanford Department of Psychology found animated graphics superior to static especially when explaining a sequence.5 We’ve also found animation to be helpful when representing change over time or illustrating dramatic differences among data points. Animation is a valuable storytelling tool — look for strategic opportunities and deploy with confidence.

6. Small screens rule. As of February 2021, mobile accounted for 55.5% of all web traffic.6 More than 50% of all search is on mobile.7 So it’s critical for your infographics to be mobile-ready. Keep the flow as vertical as you can; horizontal scrolling and pinch-and-zoom is a bad user experience. Also, mind your type sizes. Just because you can read it on your monitor doesn’t mean it will read on a phone.

A few years ago, I vividly remember being asked, “Do infographics still matter?” They’d already been popular for some time by then, but still my answer was, “Definitely. Yes.” My answer today? “Definitely. Yes.” All the things we’ve discussed that made infographics so effective then are just as true today. Keep these six tips in mind, and you’ll soon be hearing, “Are we doing enough infographics?”


New Team Members Join IMPRINT

New Team Members Join IMPRINT

We are excited to welcome Scot Maitland and Julissa Ortiz to the Imprint team.  They each bring something special to the agency, whether it be for clients in an emerging category or one where we have unmatched expertise.

Scot expands Imprint’s reach into health and wellness.  He has more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing in the space, and he has a track record maximizing the effectiveness of the programs he brings to clients by helping them collaborate and share across disciplines.  Healthcare has been a major part of his career:  He created the largest pharmacy industry publication dedicated to their members’ sales and marketing needs, and he has been an international speaker on the subject.

Julissa brings deep experience in financial services and especially within large matrixed organizations.  She joins Imprint from JPMorgan Chase & Co. where she spent the last 15 years of her career. Most recently, she was a Marketing Manager within the Commercial Bank, leading the development and execution of strategic marketing initiatives for the Corporate Client Banking business. In this role she was responsible for establishing the businesses’ national marketing strategy and developing its first metrics reporting framework.   She also served as a strategy executive within Consumer & Community Banking and as a finance executive within the Asset Management and Corporate businesses.

IMPRINT Expands Strategy Team

IMPRINT Expands Strategy Team

Michele Radcliffe has joined the Imprint team. As a senior marketer, Michele’s arrival reflects Imprint’s continued deepening acumen in the financial services industry as well as a deliberate expansion into additional categories.


As a Senior Director, strategy, Michele offers financial services clients new ideas and perspectives. Her career spans over two decades specializing in product marketing, content and campaign development, and partnership programs. She has worked with leading brands such as Charles Schwab, VISA International, and Morgan Stanley.


Of course, Michele’s personal interests will add to her impact at Imprint. When not immersed in an assignment, for example, Michele is passionate about creating purpose-driven campaigns and community-building experiences for non-profit organizations near her home in San Francisco.

Imprint in the Diversity Spotlight

Imprint in the Diversity Spotlight

Imprint was recently certified as a diversity supplier by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The New York chapter (nglccny), of which Imprint is a member, highlights Imprint in a “Supplier Spotlight” Q&A with Andy Seibert, Imprint’s Managing Partner. The piece covers a variety of topics, including Imprint’s competitive differences and why diversity certification is so important.

Click here to read the Q&A!

Imprint Continues to Build Core Team

Imprint Continues to Build Core Team

We recently welcomed two new members to the Imprint Team. Berta Garcia Bustamante has joined as Executive Editor, and Molly O’Keefe has joined as a Managing Director, New Business.

Berta brings 20 years’ experience helping financial brands distill their value to their most important audiences and articulate what sets them apart. She has a dynamic mix of creative agency experience and in-house work, most recently working as the director of institutional intermediary marketing at MainStay/New York Life Investment Management. She has also worked as a contributing editor and trade journalist covering the policy, regulatory and legislative landscape across healthcare, tech and education verticals.

Molly has joined to expand Imprint’s footprint in new categories. She is an accomplished sales and marketing professional with 25 years selling custom content marketing solutions to leading footwear, health and wellness brands; specifically, running, outdoor, sporting goods and action.

Molly’s most recent role was Publisher at Runner’s World. She has been associate publisher of Sporting Goods Business Magazine, where she was responsible for the sales and marketing for print, online and conferences. She served as director of sales/associate publisher for Outdoor Retailer magazine, specializing in print & expo sponsorships and worked as an account executive at Action Sports Retailer serving the surf, skate and snow B2B market.

A big welcome to Molly and Berta—the Imprint Team is all the stronger with you two on board!

Named to “Top 12 Financial Agencies of 2018” List

Named to “Top 12 Financial Agencies of 2018” List

The Gramercy Institute recently recognized Imprint as one of the ‘Top 12 Financial Agencies of 2018.’ The competition was fierce and global—98 firms, across 7 countries—and winners were selected for a number of criteria, including proven success for specific clients and demonstrated innovation in financial services marketing. We’re honored that the Gramercy Institute saw fit to highlight the work we’ve put forward, and would like to extend our congratulations to the other firms who were similarly recognized—as Duncan Milne recently noted for us, there was a lot we learned from the other winners’ as well.


But above all, we’d like to extend an enormous ‘Thank You’ to our clients in the financial services industry, for making this big win possible. We wouldn’t be able to push the envelope for financial content without your desire to innovate and think differently in a highly regulated space.

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