Evergreen Content Can (and Should) be a Moneymaker
Evergreen Content Should Be a Moneymaker — Here’s Why

“Always-on” comms offer longevity, SEO benefits and brand reinforcement.

Voice search
Voice Search and Financial Content: Worth It?

Seven ways content marketers can leverage voice SEO in 2021

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2021 Influencer Marketing: Start with Stakes

Whether your audience faces a high-stakes or low-stakes decision means everything.

2021’s Top Content Marketing Priority: Unlocking.

It’s time to unlock. With the new year comes new agendas, and content marketers should keep one thought front of mind: 2021 is…

7 Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions to Make for 2021

Did you know humans have been making new year’s resolutions for literally thousands of years? We all know that assessing strategies — what’s…

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Getting Creative in the Kitchen

How many times have you said or heard a variation of: There is nothing like mom’s lasagna, my cousin’s mashed potatoes, or my…

Leaving Our Mark: Giving Back

We’re putting our money where our heart is. As a diversity-owned business (certified by the NGLCC), we have leaned in to become part…

The Power of Diversity

I’m delighted to note that it’s been a full two years since Imprint was first certified as a diversity-owned business with the National…

Celebrating Small Business Owners

On behalf of clients, we have told the story of small businesses pivoting since March, which was the first wave of significant pandemic…

Quiz: What Marketers Can Learn From Teachers

For content marketers, just like educators, connecting with audiences is a constant key challenge. How do you get and keep people’s attention, make…