7 Content Marketing New Year’s Resolutions to Make for 2021

Did you know humans have been making new year’s resolutions for literally thousands of years? We all know that assessing strategies — what’s…

Did you know humans have been making new year’s resolutions for literally thousands of years? We all know that assessing strategies — what’s working, what’s not, what needs to change — is an ongoing effort, but a big-picture perspective has merits as a road map.

A glance in the rearview mirror is a good first step in planning for what lies ahead. The last year was a challenging and, against tall odds, energizing year. As a team, we banded together while being apart. We left a mark. That’s what Imprint is all about. 

How will we improve our content marketing in 2021? And how can you? We’ve got ideas ranging from new platforms (TikTok), the increasing scarcity of time (tick tock) and the nonstop need for authenticity. 

Here are 7 content resolutions to make for 2021: 


Andy Seibert, Managing Partner

Content makes an impact on an audiences’ senses of hearing, seeing, and feeling. When it’s authentic, content taps into those senses in a positive way, whether it be audio, video or interactive content they can play with. In 2021, I’m resolving to continue to make sure all of our content is authentic as it can possibly be. For some clients, that means no jargon. For others it comes through as a true commitment to matching the voice and tone of their brand and showing their purpose. 


Meg Staknis, Managing Director

Most of my clients are enterprise clients in conservative sectors. They don’t tend to be the early adopters—for good reason—of many emerging technologies. My content marketing resolution is to incorporate more emerging platforms into the marketing mix. I’d like to thoughtfully push the envelope next year and get a couple of them to try some new approaches to reach different audiences. A TikTok video? A cleverly embedded message in the right video game? Powerful storytelling opportunities are out there, and that has me excited for 2021. 


Kimberly Papa Amadeo, Editorial Director

Audiences are increasingly segmented, so being in tune with them is more important and essential than ever. Being relentlessly focused on audiences is my resolution for 2021. Whenever I create content, I’m always asking: Who’s going to watch or read this? What are their needs? What are the actions we want them to make? It’s always about them. Keeping a sharp focus fixed on your audience can make your content work harder.


Colter Hettich, Managing Editor

The past year we’ve proven to ourselves just how much we’re capable of, even under severe time constraints. In 2021, I’m resolving to not forget the lessons that we learned this year. Among them: being uber intentional about internal and client meeting agendas and frequency, consolidating review and feedback where it makes sense, and keeping eyes wide open to the goal and the smartest way to get there. In short, treating time like the priceless resource that it is.


Duncan Milne, Managing Director

My resolution is to keep a clear focus on our clients’ audiences around content, and consequently, the way in which we develop content—both creatively and strategically. There are ways to stand out by leveraging new formats to deliver a message in surprising and creative ways. For example, Joe Biden’s use of Fortnite to engage a new generation of voters and the collaborative approach of Charli XCX as she developed her lockdown album How I’m Feeling Now. Moreover, we can become more passionate, more committed and more human in the way we talk about the most esoteric content. Our audiences are always looking for conversations. We need to make sure we deliver.


Ashley Brenner, Creative Director

People are on their screens more and more, so I’m resolving to keep the education content engaging and “gamified;” keep in mind that audiences learn in all types of ways; engage with content in ways they enjoy, and have some fun! Let’s continue to simplify content experiences so they feel more intuitive and something that audiences want to return to again and again. 


Dan Davenport, Editorial Director

I resolve in 2021 to truly mean it when I use the word “authentic” — that is, create content that actually gives readers what it purports to give them. Calling something authentic isn’t enough. The content must legitimately help, and the test will be: Does it provide concrete solutions to real problems? Or even just easy instructions on how to buy something? Does it offer actual inspiration? Particularly coming out of a year that has rocked everyone’s confidence, our clients and their audiences are going to crave ideas and inspiration they can believe in and act on.


Ken Williams, Managing Director

Interactive content encourages audiences to lean into the content—to interact with it versus simply viewing it. It allows the reader to control the experience and to navigate the content that is of most interest. It also gives the content sponsor many more opportunities to measure the experience. I plan to be more resolute in having clients understand and consider it to clients in 2021.