4 key takeaways from Content Marketing World 2023

AI is an adjective: 4 takeaways from Content Marketing World

By Imprint Team

October 12, 2023
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We report from the floor — and stage — of the biggest event of the year.

Our team attended as many sessions and keynotes as we could at this year’s Content Marketing World in Washington, D.C., and distilled everything we saw and heard for those of you who were unable to attend. Below are the four biggest themes we’re taking with us into 2024.

1. AI is just an adjective.

Scan the agenda and walk the exhibit hall and almost everyone has thrown AI into their value proposition. There’s no shortage of tech companies with niche solutions, but governance? Implementation? Data and privacy considerations? Enterprise-wide adoption strategies? It’s clear no one has figured AI out and most companies still aren’t even sure where to start.

2. Better SEO content = better content

SEO is still a distinct and hugely important practice, but (as we’ve written) the overlap of what you would generally call “good content” and “SEO content” continues to grow — which is a good thing as AI chatbots take market share from traditional search engines.

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3. Strategy is how you overcome fatigue.

It was suggested that 2023 has exhausted many marketers – in fact, exhaustion was a consistent theme throughout the week. This reinforced our belief that a comprehensive, thorough strategy is foundational to any content marketing effort. It lets you easily prioritize, say “no” when you need to say “no,” and “yes” when you should say “yes.”

4. Content marketing is marketing.

This was the opening message at the conference and it is something we always knew this to be true. So while it is not new, it was clearly addressed. It is always exciting to hear from several top execs that the line between marketing and content marketing teams has faded all but completely in their organizations.

And did we mention that we won Agency of the Year?

We did! It was a jampacked week in D.C., and we’d love to talk with you about what these four themes mean for your organization. Please get in touch with us here, or email us directly at imprint@imprintcontent.com. We’re more than happy to schedule a time to chat.

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