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7 Things We Expect from Content in 2022

By Imprint Team

December 13, 2021
From innovation and AI, to deepening diversity and inclusion commitments

After the shock of 2020, in many ways 2021 was a reckoning. How were we going to move forward — as families, as communities, and as businesses? What emerged last year at Imprint was a renewed spirit of innovation, a newfound confidence in our individual and collective abilities, and a genuine excitement for the future. 

So, what are we most excited about for this year? 

1. A simple language from brands

While each brand should, of course, have its own lexicon, brands can often feel like they’re talking to themselves rather than to their customers. Because they use jargon. The coming year could be the year of clear, no-jargon conversations.

– Duncan Milne, Managing Director 

2. Seeing how companies manage the evolving world of work

… and watching that make its way into content. We have heard so much about the workplace, workforce, wellness, mental health, skills development and the “Great Resignation.” I’m interested in how companies rise to the challenge and make these issues part of their story.

– Meg Sullivan, Managing Director 

3. (Finally) embracing diversity (really)

Are we beyond the need to focus on diversity and inclusion? Hardly. The past two years were poignant reminders of how far we have to go. But they’ve also pushed us to better recognize that our audiences have diverse needs. And that our work is best when it brings diverse voices together. More of this in ’22, please.

– Dan Davenport, Editorial Director 

4. Continued emphasis on personalization and the use of AI…

… in developing and executing communications. How will tone and messaging be affected? I am looking forward to the challenge of marrying data and messaging across multiple platforms so a customer’s experience is seamless and consistent – and personal.

– Ashley Brenner, Creative Director 

5. Interactives

We created more interactive video than ever in 2021, and we know from our own metrics that they resonate with audiences and marketers. But what new forms and formats will interactives take? It’s exciting to think of all the interactive tools (for example, real-time engagement video and audio) that are still in their infancy or don’t even exist yet.

– Ken Williams, Managing Director 

6. Innovation

The pandemic accelerated the pace of the transformation to digital, which was amazing. But most of the focus for clients was on core messaging, serving the best content but in not-so-risky ways. So, 2022 seems ripe for innovation – new approaches, new testing, new thinking.

– Andy Seibert, Managing Partner 

7. Podcasts

Each week, more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts. And though there are more options than ever, if a new episode of your podcast gets 72 downloads in the first seven days, it’s in the top 25%! With the amount of client interest we’re seeing — as well as some TBA in-house plans — 2022 looks to be yet another banner year for podcasting.

– Colter Hettich, Managing Editor 

What are you looking forward to this year? What changes are you anticipating or hoping for in the world of content? Let us know! Send us a message or drop us a note on LinkedIn

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