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Instagram Gives Brands Instant Access to Ad Campaign Data

Instagram Gives Brands Instant Access to Ad Campaign Data

Our Take

Another update for Intagram-loving brands… Now they can access their campaign data immediately, giving them the ability to manage their content in real-time. Why is this so important — well previously, advertising brands had to wait for the Gram to deliver the reports to them — now they are at their finger tips. Does this mean in influx of content coming our way? While this is a benefit to brands, will it hinder involvement and support from inidivudal Instagram users?


Brands are about to get a lot more help with their Instagram campaigns. For the first time, the photo-sharing service is giving its advertisers instant access to data about how well their posts are performing. The data sharing represents Instagram’s first self-serve tools for advertisers to manage their activity on the platform.

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Power of Video In Content Marketing: Part 1

Power of Video In Content Marketing: Part 1

By Jocelyn Murray

Have your favorite brands started getting more involved with social media? Are they asking their customers to participate in the creation of videos or campaigns? This is not be a surprise given the simultaneous evolution of content marketing and technology over the last five years. Slowly but surely, more and more brands are taking to the web to create their own videos – on YouTube, Vine or Instagram, for example – to engage and encourage customers to participate with their brand.

Why is this important? Nielsen recently the statistic that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their marketing strategy in the near future. With YouTube reaching over one billion unique visitors a month, the connection seems intuitive. And, as new channels of distribution and sharing develop, the various avenues for marketers to use videos in their strategy continue to grow and expand. In the first part of this two part series, learn how connecting through the human element and personalization can drive engagement with brand customers.

Brands are human, too.

Increasingly, brand loyalists want to know that their favorite brands and companies are aware of the things that they hold important and have the same values. It is crucial for brands to always consider their audience in order to create content that is relevant to them. Through the use of videos, companies are able to show their human side – how customers use their products, how these products are improving the lives of customers – instead of constantly pushing products in a sales way.

Embrace consumer-created content.

There are many types of video strategies that companies can employ to engage their customers. Tutorials, testimonials and Q&A’s are great ways to connect with consumers in an emotion, visual and personal way. However, one of the most popular ways that brands are using videos to engage is through user-generated content. Since videos are able to be created easily (and inexpensively) on mobile devices just as they are with professional equipment, many brands are encouraging users to document their experience with a particular product or service.

With companies inviting the audience into the brand experience, consumers are mobilized and thus engaged to create their own content, which allows for a multi-dimensional experience with the brand. Not only are they spending more time interacting with the brand, but they feel as though the brand truly cares about their opinions and experiences

Through videos, brands are able to reach their consumers in more personal ways using emotional connections to encourage participation. However, the video creation is just the beginning… tune in for part two of this series to learn the importance of strategy in marketing video series to existing and potential consumers!


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