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Content Marketing’s Moments of Glory in 2014

Content Marketing’s Moments of Glory in 2014

Our Take

As 2014 comes to a close, OpenTopic asked industry-leading content marketers to weigh in on what they thought were “Content Marketing’s Moments of Glory in 2014.” Imprint’s own managing partner, Andy Seibert (who is also the chairman of the Content Council), contributed to the article — see what moments of glory he thought content marketing had in this exciting past year!


Since this will be the last of the content marketing questionnaires series for 2014, we thought it would make sense to take a look back at 2014. Opentopic asked content marketers to weigh on on what they thought were content marketing’s moments of glory in 2014.

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The 3 Rings of Content

The 3 Rings of Content


We like to think about content fitting into one of three rings. The core ring contains the content that you need to run your business and fulfill on your value proposition. Definition, how things work. If you are a bank, you need content on why to save and the differences between IRAs.

The second ring enhances the core – it is content that goes wider and deeper than then content in the core, and this is where you can make it your own. If you are an automotive company, how is the content about safe driving and leasing versus buying uniquely yours?

The outer ring is surprise and delight – these are the content elements that are unexpected and are potential motivators for repeat visits. While they are related to the two inner rings, they can provide moments of lightness, can be provocative, can be “different.”

The bright shiny objects are the ones marketers gravitate to, and those are often found in the third ring. Make sure that as you execute your content strategy, not everyone is focused on filling the outer ring. You aren’t healthy without a strong core.

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