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Content Marketing Agency of the Year: Thank You

Content Marketing Agency of the Year: Thank You

It was our fourth nomination, and it turns out this was our year.  At the 2017 Content Marketing World conference, run by the Content Marketing Institute, Imprint was named “Content Marketing Agency of the Year” (<100 employees).  It was truly a surprise!  We were in great company, as the five other nominees seem to do really interesting work.

Our clients are amazing, and they are the thread to why we were honored with this award.

  • They push us to think differently. Our clients want us to respect the past, but not be hindered by legacy.  We make sure their brand is clearly infused in the work so even the most common of concepts stand out and can be owned.
  • We relentlessly focus on a client’s audience.  It’s not just asking the why that is important, but really the for who.  Because when you concentrate on what audiences need and want, you don’t really need to justify why content is created.
  • They trust us. We value quality over quantity and are measurement obsessed.

We’re committed to bringing our clients excellence and drive for results.  But at this moment, we’re taking a breath and saying, thank you!

4 New Buzzwords Overheard at Content Marketing World

4 New Buzzwords Overheard at Content Marketing World

Have you ever been in a meeting or at a conference, and hear a term that just makes you laugh? Then it keeps coming up… and eventually becomes part of the vernacular. Here are four such terms we overheard at Content Marketing World in Cleveland:

  • Moving content. An attempt to replace “video” with watchable content that isn’t filmed. And, I assume, is not as expensive. The words aren’t inherently silly, but shouldn’t the name be more exotic?
  • Frictionless. Yup, trying to replace “liquid,” we get it. But content marketers are still using “liquid” – and so there is an inherent friction introducing a replacement so soon. (Pun intended.)
  • Strategize. This is actually a word, and Merriam-Webster agrees. But sometimes turning a noun to a verb can just be awkward.
  • Brandscaping. Uncomfortably close to manscaping–unless, of course, your brand needs to get rid of some extra or unwanted hair behind your brand’s ears.

What other buzzwords have you heard? Bring on the Slide-o-Meter, Infobullets, and Clustergraph—we’re ready!

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