5 Trends to Watch in 2020

5 Trends to Watch in 2020

What’s the buzz? The five newest IMPRINT team members share what they’re excited about and looking forward to in the content marketing industry—from brands thinking big picture to illustrations leading the way to the cumulative impact of productivity-enhancing platforms.




Joined September 2019 from JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Consumers today are making more purchasing decisions based on how brands align with their values. In turn, brands are becoming more culturally aware and committing to a point of view on relevant issues, whether it’s climate change or gender equality.

What does that mean for content marketers? We’re excited for all the new and interesting stories we can tell for clients. It used to be primarily about selling a product or service, but now the focus is much more on marketing the brand overall—and what it represents to its audiences.




Joined January 2020 from his own company, Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated Custom Publishing

I’ve always been interested in the architecture of a page. I’m intrigued now by design elements and approaches that make print not just relevant, but every bit as exciting as digital.

Customized, non-traditional sizes for print pieces can provide a unique experience for the individuals holding it in their hands—and even encourage them to keep it. And asymmetrical design is bringing more kinetic energy and movement, and, as a result, demanding more attention. The reader feels an innate curiosity and sense of wonder about where the text and graphics will go next.




Joined in January from freelancing as a designer and illustrator

The use of illustrations as a key design element ebbs and flows, and we’re in a flow this year. As an illustrator and designer, I’m excited to see how much thoughtful illustration is being seamlessly woven into content. At the head of an article the right illustration can function like a satisfying puzzle, evoking questions that need to be set up for the article and clearly explaining its content while nudging the readers’ perspective. Done well, it’s like a good book cover—it grabs you, it exists inseparably with the writing by setting the tone and it sets you up to receive information a little bit differently.




Joined November 2019 from amNewYork

As managing editor, one of my primary responsibilities is optimizing our workflow. As new tools continue to be added, it’s easy for workflows to get cumbersome. In 2020 we’re adopting a new strategy and platform that will consolidate project timelines, files, calendars and task assignments all in one place.

The 10 seconds spent looking for a file, or five minutes figuring out what’s due over the next few days from various projects will be automated. Those 10 seconds here and five minutes there add up to time we’ll get back that can go directly to planning, creating and delivering content that works for our clients—and that’s what it’s all about.




Joined September 2019 from running his own consulting business

I consider myself an extension cord. I connect the power at IMPRINT, where we specialize in making complex thoughts simple and clear for clients. My background is in the health and wellness sphere, and I’m excited about ramping up our clientele in those areas—from hospitals to biotech to pharmaceuticals. With over 6,000 hospitals in the U.S. and more than $660 billion in uncompensated care to their patients since 2000, there’s never been a more urgent time for strategic content to help fill needs.

And in 2020, I’m seeing healthcare foundations work toward providing education, solutions and care to individuals, families and communities like never before. They have concerns about growth, revenue and funding, as well as staffing and volunteer challenges. IMPRINT has established successful programs for leading healthcare businesses and foundations, and I’m excited to help dial that up further this year.

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